Brightmax 3000


Brightmax 3000 Tactical Flashlight SpecsBefore my hubby bought two pieces of the Brightmax 3000 LED Flashlight frequent power outages due to bad weather made us struggle with visibility in the dark nights. Now, blackouts are no longer a problem, we are always at the ready!

Marylyn Smith, Jacksonville, Mississippi.

Imagine a scenario where you would never have to worry about power outages or working up to late hours of the night! Wouldn’t that be awesome? The Brightmax 3000 is one of the most exclusive bonuses that intense scientific innovations have brought into our lives. Starting from the regular civilian to the tactical night-guards, this tactical tool is the most powerful lighting equipment currently out there.

Forget about the conventional flashlights that keep dimming up prompting a few bashes with the hand just to get them working. The Brightmax 3000 Tactical Flashlight doesn’t just bring convenience; it brings the power of more than just lighting unto your hands. Keep reading and find out why.

Specifications of The Brightmax 3000

  • Comes with a Cree XM-L T6 lighting lamp
  • A massive 100,000 hours’ worth of lamp life
  • Made from aviation grade aluminum
  • Powered by only 3 Triple A(AAA) batteries
  • Has a beveled edge that can be used for tactical defense
  • A vast range of telescopic focus of up to x2000 from x1
  • Five lighting modes: Strobe, Low, High, Medium and SOS

Why You Need The Brightmax 3000 Flashlight

The high-end LED lighting technology that is employed in the manufacture of this tactical tool is the same one that is used by elite tactical professionals in the fire department, coast guards, U.S Navy Seals as well as search and rescue teams.

Previously, such a product was not really available for use by every Tom, Dick and Harry! Therefore, you cannot be sure how long its availability will last in the market especially due to its high demand. Take this unique opportunity and acquire one for yourself and you will have the following advantages:

Merits of The Brightmax 3000

  1. With more than 100,000 lighting hours, you can be sure that you will never have to worry about lighting for a very long lime
  2. The brightness of 3000 lumens is quite incredible. You can shine the light of day on anything even in eclipsing darkness.
  3. The aviation grade aluminum it is made of makes this piece very light. You can always carry it around with ease.
  4. It is a compact piece that can withstand more than just a few drops as compared to the regular flashlight.
  5. The beveled edge can be used to fight off an incoming assailant, meaning that this is more than just a lighting tool, it can also be a concealed weapon when danger arises
  6. You can control the amount of light it releases of you feel like you don’t need a lot of it with the variable

Where Can You Buy the Brightmax 3000 LED Flashlight?

To buy this unique piece, rush to the official website while stocks last due to its extremely high demand. Currently, there is a limited 80% off for a limited time on The Brightmax 3000. Sooner or later, they might run out and you wouldn’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity!

Brightmax 3000 Tactical Flashlight Offer