Falcon 8MR-T Flashlight Review


falcon 8 mr-tAs a night time security officer, I can honestly say the Falcon 8MR-T is hands down the best tactical LED flashlight light on the market right now. It is extremely bright and really durable!

Sam Fennell, Orlando, Florida

How many times has your old flashlight let you down? Probably too many and if you have tried to buy a new one there is no big difference, just that you part with a few dollars from your wallet or your debit card. You are quite fortunate today since this vicious cycle of spending on unsatisfying products that don’t quite meet your needs will end now! The Falcon Tactical 8MR-T Flashlight is the ultimate solution to darkness that you have always been looking for.

With the exclusive features that it comes with, it is a guarantee that it will never fail you. The 8MR-T Flashlight by Falcon Tactical was constructed under military grade specifications making it more than just what meets the eyes when you give it a first look. A lot of research was undertaken before this power tool was made available for the market and the end result was something that impressed even its test users at the beta stages of development. Below is an in-depth outlook on the properties of this tactical innovation and how you can use it to make your life better and more efficient.

Specs Of The Falcon 8MR-T Flashlight

Here are the select details of the latest high power flashlight from the industrious brand that tactical lighting technology is.

  • falcon 8mr-t It emits its light from a Cree LED XM L2 Lamp which generates 20% more power when at maximum brightness than its fellow lighting counterparts in the tactical industry
  • Comes with a sturdy parabolic reflector that beams out 1200 Lumens of light rays
  • 10 Watts
  • The lamp life can serve you for up to 100, 000 hours with ultra-bright light
  • It is only 5 inches long, making it perfect to hold and also an exceptional fit for your glove compartment
  • Compact and incredibly lightweight, thanks to the aluminum casing
  • Has a rugged design that makes it very easy to grab with your hand.
  • The aluminum used to manufacture this piece and its compact build makes it a very tough piece a very tough cookie. It won’t succumb to damages or breakage even if you drop it on concrete

Reliability of Falcon 8MR-T

This tactical edition is a must have tool for every household because of its outstanding versatility. It also comes with an IP65 standard of waterproofing which effectively protects this light from any damage that can be caused by water. It is constructed with a range of O-ring seals which make it very compact and it is reinforced with aircraft grade aluminum making it durable no matter how many times you drop it or expose it to hard impacts or scratches. The Falcon 8MR-T Flashlight has a crenelated bezel which will be handy in the moments of defending yourself against anyone who is coming to attack you.

Since it can fit in your pocket easily, you will have it whenever you just need to light your path as you walk at night or when there is an emergency to carry out a tactical sweep! This amazing tactical tool is quite reliable. It’s no wonder hunters, firemen, police officers and even survivalists trust it so much!

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