Falcon x800 Tactical Flashlight


Falcon Tactical X800 Flashlight

I was impressed by how far the beam of light projected when I turned on the Falcon x800 flashlight. It is the brightest flashlight I have ever laid my hands on. You will probably be blinded by it if you aren’t careful enough. I am glad my lovely wife bought for me. The Falcon x800 is such a handy tool; I can’t stop using it!

Jason Cruz, Brighton, MI

This is surely among the finest releases of 2016. In these uncertain times, there are some tools that we must have for our own safety. For instance, having something that is 100% reliable for light in a blackout will make it more tolerable. If you are used to old dead-beat torches, then today is your lucky day. The Falcon x800 Flashlight is the best lighting innovation yet. It comes with a range of outstanding features that make it better than anything you have every used before. Below is a hands-on analysis of the most efficient flashlight yet.

Specifications of the Falcon x800 Flashlight

  • Very light since its body is made of aircraft aluminum
  • Comes with an adjustable zoom that can light up distances of up to 500m away
  • Has Strobe and SOS features that will help you signal for help whenever you are in pain or danger.
  • Comes with an XM-L Cree T6 lamp which emits a blinding capacity of 800 Lumens
  • It is waterproof so you can use it even in extremely wet conditions
  • Has a super-prolonged lamp life of up to 100, 000 hours of light
  • Consumes very little energy from the triple A battery that powers it

Why You Should Buy The Falcon x800 Flashlight

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, isn’t this the most awesome deal ever? With the above specifications there are a lot of things you can accomplish. And better yet, whatever you do with the Falcon x800 Tactical Flashlight, you will never worry about power. With the low power consumption, you can use it for as long as you need and you won’t be let down.

Having this flashlight also means that you will always have a protective tool with you. In the case of any danger or attack, you can point the super bright beam right to your attacker’s eyes. This will disorient the attacker in an instant. At this point, you could take off or if you have a few combat skills, you will already have the advantage!

If you are in a collapsed building in a storm at night, the SOS and strobe modes will come in handy. The light will indicate emergency signals to any rescue team around. You will have been saved by a flashlight! How great is that?

Where To Buy The Falcon x800 Flashlights

Rush to the official site and you will find a lot of offers. The more you buy, the more you save. You can buy it for all your family members. You never know when they might need it. Hurry because the offers have a time limit and if you take too long, they will be out of stock. Get Falcon x800 today, and experience a new way of lighting your path in darkness.falcon x800