TrackR Review


trackrMy dog is an impulsive runner. It used to be hectic whenever we went for a walk to the park. Lucky for me, my buddy bought the TrackR for me as a present. It’s the best gift ever. Keeping track of Bosco, my terrier is now way easier.

Mandy Smith, Brooklyn, New York

If you are a busy person sometimes getting preoccupied with lots of stuff makes you forget even the slightest of things. Whether it’s your keys, your phone or even your wallet or purse. Imagine you were driving to work and you realize you left your wallet or phone halfway on the road. Isn’t it just frustrating? You will just be forced to go back home! What if there was something that could prevent this from happening? Fortunately, TrackR was specifically created to help with that.

What Is The TrackR?

It is a small Bluetooth tracking device, the size of a coin that is meant to help you in locating your lost belongings. You are only required to attach this device to your wallet or set of keys. You can also attach it to anything that you feel is prone to getting lost or you are prone to losing track of it. For example, your pet. This TrackR has a fine design that is friendly to the keyring. The adhesive pads on its surface also make it very easy for you to attach it to virtually anything that you want. It is coupled with a mobile app which has some extra features and settings. Using the app, you can customize this device so that it can suit your preferences.

Features Of TrackR

Here are some of the main features that make this device what it is.TrackR App

  • It consists of a distance indicator on the app. It shows you the distance between you and the item that you are searching for; making it easier to find them.
  • You can set your keys to ring just by tapping your finger on the app
  • In case you misplace your phone, you can make it ring by pressing a button on your TrackR device. This is possible even if you have set your phone to silent mode.
  • It has a tracking network which can help you find your items. You will get a GPS notification when another TrackR user comes within the range of the item that you lost.
  • You can set custom 2-way separation notifications. This way, you get an alert before leaving any items behind.
  • It is made with anodized aluminum making it beautifully long lasting.
  • The app is available in both Google Play for Android and Apple Store for IOS
  • Has a durable battery that can be replaced once depleted

Where Can You Buy The TrackR?

This cutting-edge device can be purchased from its official site or on online sales websites such as Amazon. It is quite affordable at only $29.99. Get yours today and you will without a doubt be impressed by how handy it is.

Once you buy the TrackR, losing or misplacing your items will stop being a problem.

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