X700 Tactical Flashlight


It is not uncommon for us to set out for the acquisition of a lighting assist only to get a piece of underperforming equipment that can’t even shed light as far as five feet away! It is quite disappointing since that hardly helps us. Thankfully, there is a new Sherriff in town with the emergence of the X700 Tactical Flashlight when it comes to lighting convenience. Apart from that it could even serve as a concealable weapon that could save you from some sticky situations. x700 Tactical Flashlight

Whether you are someone who is just looking for lighting efficiency or you are looking for something powerful enough to help you with your night patrols at work, the X700 Flashlight is a remarkable choice. With the finest technological ingenuity involved in its manufacture it offers a vast range of uses some of which you couldn’t imagine could be incorporated in a lighting equipment.

Hands On Specifications Of the X700 Tactical Flashlight

  • 700 Lumens of brightness
  • Zoom option of up to x2,000
  • It is powered by three AAA batteries
  • Has five lighting modes; low, medium, high, strobe and SOS

Performance Of the X700 Flashlight       

The uses of this tools are applicable to a vast range of situations with respect to its design and specifications. For example, when it comes to safety, you could easily blind an assailant with the super bright lighting capability of the X700. Shining this bright light on someone’s face will stun for a few seconds and this can give you an exceptional opportunity to counter the attacks.

If you are a mountain climber for instance, the X700 Flashlight will come in handy since it will shine through the rough terrain and this could save a life. You have definitely heard of mountain climbing accident that occurred as a result of limited visibility. With this tool at hand, there will be no limited visibility even if your climbing will take hours and hours. The battery reserves last for a very long time.

In point of fact, this amazing powerhouse of lighting could literally mean the difference between life and death! In addition, even in tense situations, you don’t have to worry about dropping it since its design enables it to have sufficient grip on your hands. Therefore, there is no chance of it slipping when you need it the most.

Pros of the X700 Flashlight by Lumnitact

  • It is very light since it is made of military grade lightweight aviation aluminum
  • It is strong and durable so it can be handy in tough conditions
  • Has a remarkable design that makes it easy to grab in between your hand with a tight grip
  • There is a variable zoom option thus you can use it to shed light on objects that are either very close to you or far away
  • It is small in size so it can be stored easily even in your pocket without demanding too much space

Where To Buy The X700 Tactical Flashlight

The best place to buy it is in its official site where you will get amazing discounts if you hurry. The x700 Tactical Flashlight will not be 75% off forever.

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