5 Concealed Carry Guns for Runners


Concealed Carry Guns For Runners

For you to become good a shooting, you need to have physical stamina and some solid training. Most of the people who own guns are also fans of other physical activities such as hiking, biking or even just running. A lot of these activities are taken on after hitting the range.

Spring is almost here and the thought of warm and sunny days brings the idea of exercise and other outdoor activities such as running. But then, since most of us work from morning to late in the day, other activities are usually limited to after-working hours. This means that in most cases, there is little to no sunlight when our workout or exercise begins. Oftentimes, the alleys and trails that are great running spots tend to be poorly lit. Therefore, you need to have a firearm that easily concealable and comfortable for you. You need protection because you never know when danger could arise.

Back in 2014, there were over 1.1 million violent crimes in the US according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. These included, robberies, murder, rape and aggravated assault. You wouldn’t want to be just another statistic, would you?

Thankfully, the number of permits for concealed carry firearms is quickly rising. According to a report by The Crime Prevention Research Center, the number of Americans who have a concealed carry permit is at 12.8 million, which is an increase from a little over 8 million back in 2007. More people are becoming conscious about their saftey.

Most Popular Carry Gun Choices

The above facts and figures indicate that more Americans are being aware of their safety and are taking action. You shouldn’t be left behind. If you are wondering about which type of gun best befits your outdoor activities, we’ve got your back. Here is a list of the five best concealed carry guns that you can have as you go for a run, hike or regular outdoor workouts:

  1. XD-S .45ACP
  2. Taurus Curve
  3. Smith and Wesson M&P 9 Shield
  4. Gloc 9 Gen4
  5. Kel-Tec P3 AT

Extra Important Advice For You

Theresa Vail, the host for the popular NRA All Access once gave some extra advice which is also quite important for you as you plan to get your concealed carry gun: As much as you stress on the type of gun that you want to acquire, you should equally consider the type of holster that you are going to use while on your runs. Belly bands work best for such situations, she insisted. The have a “no-slip” function and as you move, your gun won’t jostle even a little.

Concealed Carry Gun

The model you choose needs to be something that you are comfortable with and you should be proficient in using it as well. You are the only person who can determine how comfortable a gun is for you. Before ultimately making your decision, its best if you go to a range and get the feel of a couple of compact handguns. That way you can know exactly which concealed carry gun is best for you.