Alumnitact x700 Tactical Flashlight


Alumnitact x700The AlumniTact x700 Tactical Flashlight is one of the brightest military flashlights on the planet! That’s why the navy seals use it, oh and so do I! Haha

Paul Bashe, Jacksonville, North Carolina.

For a long time now, tactical flashlights have only been used by emergency teams like paramedics, police officers and the military. Most of us only see them on TV or in cinemas in your favorite blockbusters. What if there was a way to get your hands on one of those tactical beauties, what would you do? And this is not just a hypothetical situation, if presented the chance to have one of them, the best move is buying one as soon as you can!

Luckily, after a remarkable scientific ingenuity, the Alumnitact x700 has been unleashed for use by the general public for the very first time. Thus, you must not take any chances, otherwise you might miss this golden opportunity. Keep on reading so that you can find out why this item is so precious and why you must have it today!

Hands On Specifications Of The Alumnitact x700 Tactical Flashlight

Here is a clear-cut guide to the unique specifications of this tactical marvel

  • The power of this remarkable flashlight comes from only three triple A(AAA) batteries
  • Lamp Life of Up to 100, 000 hours of lighting
  • The brightness capacity of the lamp is 700 Lumens
  • You can zoom this flashlight from just x1 up to a zoom mode of x2000
  • Comes with five modes of lighting: SOS, Low, Medium, High and Strobe
  • It is constructed of aviation grade aluminum
  • It is tough, very light and small in size.

Alumnitact x700 Tactical FlashlightWhen you look at these specifications, you may wonder how they may be of help to you especially since you have probably never heard of some of them. So that you are crystal clear on how amazing the Alumnitact x700 Tactical Flashlight is, let us compare it to your regular flashlight.

Advantages of the Alumnitact x700 Over The Conventional Flashlight

  • The fact that this flashlight is powered by only three AAA batteries means that the LED lamp consumes very low power. Therefore, unlike your regular torch, you will not have to keep replacing the batteries especially at a time when you need the flashlight most.
  • When it comes to lighting, isn’t it tiring to keep thinking about how long the newly acquired batteries will last? With the Alumnitact x700 Tactical Flashlight, you won’t have to trouble yourself with that for it can last for thousands of hours.
  • With the brightness that this lamp has, lighting is no longer an issue unlike when you have the conventional flashlights which are mostly dim at best.
  • The power to zoom according to your needs is excellent since when an object is too far away, you will still be able to see it clearly. The regular flashlights on the other hand can just light a few feet ahead of you, you will have to get too close to an object or not see it at all!
  • If you go camping with the Alumnitact x700, sending SOS signals will be quite easy and woe unto you if you are in need of help with the regular flashlight!
  • This tactical tool is quite light because of the material it is made of and the size makes it easy to carry. The other kinds of flashlights tend to be heavy and even too big to fit in the pocket