G700 Tactical Flashlight


G700 Tactical Flashlight

This G700 Tactical Flashlight that the Navy Seals use is awesome! I got a couple just to stash away for a rainy day!

Fritz Smith, Ashville, North Carolina

Time and again, we find ourselves in situations where every time we need a flashlight the only thing we can get our hands on is that old flashlight that has a rather foggy bulb which can barely provide sufficient light. Truth be told, the majority of us have the tendency to ignore how important a flashlight is until we find ourselves in a situation where we really need it and yet we don’t have one!

The G700 Tactical Flashlight when compared to a regular flashlight is like the difference between a searchlight and a nightlight respectively. In short, when you switch on a conventional flashlight, all you will get is a dim glow but when you switch on the G700 you unleash a bright circular beam of white light that is capable of giving a scare to any animal or even an attacker that has ill intentions.

Specifications of the G700 Flashlight

  • Has five different lighting modes, i.e. Strobe, SOS, Low, Medium and High
  • Powered by only two AA batteries
  • Has a very efficient rate of energy consumption
  • Emits a lighting capacity of 700 Lumens
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum casing
  • Durable and tough
  • Has a surface area specifically designed for proper grip by the hand
  • Has a beveled edge that can be used as a tactical weapon

Functionality Of The G700 Tactical Flashlight

With all these striking specifications, there are a lot of things that you can do with the G700. If you just need something to provide you with some visibility, it will do that exceptionally well. Then again, if you are looking for some extra advantage over your opponent, the brightness of the LED and the beveled edge will come to your rescue!

The G700 Flashlight can be a very important tool in the case of emergencies for instance in accidents where people are locked inside vehicles. The beveled edge accompanied by the strength of the aluminum casing will give you a tool strong enough to break the glass and save lives. If you are a survivalist or a hunter, this is what you need as part of your necessary tools of trade for you can use it in so many situations.

Advantages Of the G700 Tactical Flashlight

  • It is virtually indestructible; thus it can take a hefty blow without having any damage whatsoever
  • With the aircraft-grade aluminum casing, it is very light therefore easy to carry around even without feeling its weight.
  • It is quite small in size; therefore, it is convenient since it can fit in small spaces like your pocket
  • In the case of a close range confrontation, it has a beveled edge that is strong enough to cause significant damage to an attacker.
  • It has a remarkably low energy consumption so constant swapping of batteries will not be an issue.
  • You can use it in a vast range of situations with the five pre-set lighting modes

G700 Tactical Flashlight Kit

Where To Buy The G700 Flashlight

You can buy the G700 Tactical Flashlight in a number of department stores and better yet you can buy it from its official site where you can take advantage of offers as big as 75% off! Hurry before it’s too late!