Inferno Lighter


Inferno LighterThe Inferno Lighter is the coolest that I have ever used! Lighting my cigarette has just become so much easier, I don’t have to cover the flame to prevent it from going off. I just bought two, one for using at home and one for using on the go!

Freya Mendez, Oklahoma, Oklahoma City

By nature, and performance, the Inferno Lighter is way different from all the typical lighters that we are generally used to. It is a unique invention that has a light that actually lasts longer than all the lighters out there. It is composed of a Zinc alloy and it is attached to a battery panel whose purpose is to generate the charge when needed.

Pros of the Inferno Lighter

The following are the properties of this innovative lighter that make it an unbeatable counterpart to all available lighters in the market.

  • Does not require fuel to enable you to light a fire
  • It’s battery charges within a very short period of time
  • It is made of zinc alloy which makes it way lighter in mass than the regular lighters
  • Tougher and more durable; can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions such as strong wind and even rain
  • Has a wider surface of lighting enabling it to spark up almost everything!
  • Since it is rechargeable, it is quite convenient because you don’t have to worry about replacing it after it gets depleted.
  • Can be recharged via USB

Where Can I Use the Inferno Lighter?

This lighter can be used to light almost everything that you could think of particular since it has a wider lighting surface. Thus, it is rather easy to light up anything that you want, such as; candles, cigars, hemp wicks and cigars. You do not have to be a smoker for you to put this cutting edge lighting solution to use

Is the Inferno Lighter Safe?

One of the best qualities of this lighter is its eco-friendliness. It does not use butane, a fossil fuel that is used by the majority of the lighters out there. So, if you truly love the environment, you will not go any other way!

In recent studies, it has been established that butane has the potential of causing cancer. Apart from that, abuse of butane has the risk of causing ‘sniffing death’ which usually takes place as a result of a cardiac arrest if you are stressed or if you do heavy workout routines. In that case, there is no need for you to keep risking both your health and the environment. Start using the Inferno Lighter today and forget about causing unnecessary risk to your health or your surroundings!

How to Purchase the Inferno Lighter

The best place for you to acquire this highly innovative lighter is from the official website. There you will find a limited 75% off discount waiting for you. But then, you need to hurry since the stock of the Inferno Lighter is quickly running out. You do not want to miss out on it!