Nighthawk T700 Flashlight Review


nighthawk t700 tactical flashlightThe Nighthawk T700 Flashlight is the most powerful flashlight I have ever used! My brother is a passionate fireman and I am more of an outdoorsy guy. He surprised me with this flashlight as a gift, the best present ever. I don’t know how he figured out I needed something like this! I went for camping last week and it lit the camping site the entire night. 

Steve Banks, Miami, Florida.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a flashlight? A lot of people would say a tool that can be used as a temporary lighting aid. Temporary means you cannot always depend on it. Thus, you are almost always let down by it. However, thanks to high-tech ingenuity, that’s already changed. The best flashlight that has ever been made is now available. Manufacturers of the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight realized that consumers needed something that can be relied on at all times.

How does the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight Work?

Now, you won’t have to keep replacing batteries or torch lamps after every few months. The design and build of this piece is heavily inspired by military technology. That way, it is practical, durable and remarkably powerful. Let us see why the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight is the lighting equipment that everyone has to buy.

Police officers to ex military vets have been buying these flashlights by the bundle because they are simply durable and get the job done. It is always good to have a stash of flashlights just incase of an emergency and you don’t want to be looking for a LED light that works when you are in a rush. These tactical flashlights are going to work when you need them to and they run on rechargable AA batteries so you won’t need to freak out if the power goes out.

Specifications of the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight

  • The lens is toughened up by addition of ultra-clear glass
  • It is very light, and still tough thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum body.
  • Small in size thus can be carried easily
  • The reflector is very smooth and it helps to emit ultra-long range beams.
  • Powerful light bulb that consumes very little energy but emits super bright light.
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • It has up to 100,000 lighting hours
  • It is water resistant and water proof up to a submerged distance of 2 meters
  • Has five lighting modes: Low, Medium, Strobe, High and SOS

Why The Nighthawk T700 Flashlight Is the Best Lighting Tool

When compared to the regular flashlight, this is far much better. It has lots of features and capabilities that you can’t find in the regular flashlights. To begin with, it can provide you with extra lighting for countless more hours. Apart from that, it has a powerful beam that can light your path for over 200 meters. The regular flashlights on the other hand have a beam that can only go as far as a few meters ahead! Most of the other flashlights cannot be used under water, but the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight can comfortably be used in submerged places. So, if you want to fix a broken pipe somewhere already filled with water, you don’t have to worry if you have this.

It also doubles up as a protective tool. This is because of its specially made beveled edge which can be used to stun an incoming assailant. Furthermore, the bright beam from can also be shone upon an enemy’s eyes for temporary blinding. When you are able to stun an incoming enemy, you will have an advantage over them. You can decide to run for help or take them down instantly! Rush to the official site now and buy the Nighthawk T700 Flashlight today!

nighthawk t700 flashlight