9 in 1 Survival Corepak Review


Survival CorePakI never thought I would get a 9 in 1 Survival Corepak for my regular hiking trips. Now I don’t have to think about buying everything separately. Thanks to this combo, tactical shopping was way easier and less hectic. This kit contains all the tools and equipment anyone would need for camping, hiking, excursions and surviving in the wilderness!

George Woody, Jackson, Mississippi

The 21st century is undeniably one of the most uncertain times on the planet. After the World War phase was over we thought it was all going to be safer and much better. Unfortunately, with every waking day, random explosions and bombings raise dreadful questions such as; Are we safe? Furthermore, the environment is also caving in to the damage that man has already done and keeps doing every other day. It’s no wonder the threat of global warming has become bigger than ever. Will you be ready when something worse than Katrina is upon us? If you have the Survival CorePak with you, you will be ready whenever anything comes to threaten your existence.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes are sometimes unavoidable. Lucky for you, you can ensure that you and those that you love prevail. Survival CorePak is the best way to be prepared for such situations. Most of us are die-hard fans of Armageddon blockbusters. But then you need to ask yourself, will you be ready in case it happens? Spare a few minutes of your time and see why you should get this survival set today!

What is the 9 in 1 Survival CorePak?

This is a practical and tactical set that was specifically made to help in any survival situations. Whether you want to protect yourself from enemies or you want to survive any disastrous circumstances. It is a pack that contains nine super-handy items that will play a crucial role in keeping you alive. Whether you need to defend yourself against wild animals or assailants, it has exactly what you need. If you get lost in the middle of nowhere, there is a compass for you. Have you found yourself in a car crash unable to unlock the doors in a burning vehicle? Don’t worry, you can smash the windows easily with the tactical pen in the set. The uses of the tools in the Survival CorePak are countless. Here is a full list of what you will get when you buy it:

Survival CorePak

Hands On Tool & Equipment Breakdown of the Survival CorePak

  1. Finger Flashlight: a perfect light source you can use without drawing any attention to yourself.
  2. 11 in 1 Multi-purpose card tool.
  3. Tactical pen: Can be used for self-defense or smashing through windows.
  4. High-Frequency Aluminum Whistle: You can sound alarm whenever you find yourself in danger.
  5. Stainless Steel Knife with a bottle opener: A cool tactical knife that doubles up as a bottle opener.
  6. Compass + Ruler for navigation on maps: You can easily find your way home whenever you get lost
  7. Mini LED Tactical Flashlight: Comes with a super powerful light (350 Lumens Lamp)
  8. Big Flint Firestarter: Start a cooking or warmth fire anywhere at any time!

Where to Buy the 9 in 1 Survival Corepak?

You will be able to find the special discount order page below. You can get a discount for a limited time. Once the sale ends you will have to pay normal retail price so we recommend grabbing a couple kits now while you can lock in the savings.

Rush to the Survival CorePak official site and get your pack now at a 75% discount while it lasts!

9 in 1 survival corepak