XT808 Tactical Flashlight


XT808 Tactical FlashlightI used to struggle with visibility at night during my neighborhood watch patrols then a friend lent me his XT808 Tactical Flashlight, I was so impressed by its power I bought three for myself and my family. This is the best flashlight I have ever used!

Louis Biggins, Lakeway, Texas

Currently, being secure is one of our greatest concerns especially with the apparent rise of the rates of insecurity. Just to be clear, security does not cover the crime factor alone, being secure is also a matter of how prepared you are whenever an emergency situation arises! Whether it’s a sudden blackout, your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere or even just lighting your path during a camping escapade. And that is where the XT808 comes in.

You must now be thinking; ‘‘how will a flashlight help me?’’ Well, the answer will become quite clear when you take a look at the full specification of this tactical prodigy. It is the brightest lighting tool you have ever held in your hand and what’s more, it comes with a few extra packs that make it more efficient and reliable even in combat! Below is a dossier of why you should buy the Primitive Survivors XT808 as soon as possible.

Hands On Features Of The XT808 Tactical Flashlight

  • It emits light from a Cree XM-L LED lamp
  • Has a light output of 800 lumens
  • Its body is made from an aluminum alloy that is in an aircraft-grade class
  • It has 5.1-inch extendable barrel which can be extended up to 6.18 inches
  • Its lens is scratch resistant
  • Has rechargeable batteries
  • Has a lamp life of up to 100,000 hours
  • The focusing beam is adjustable to a focus of up to x2000
  • Has five light modes: SOS, Low, High, Medium and Strobe

With these exclusive specifications, this flashlight becomes more than just the regular flashlight because it can provide you with a vast range of lighting modes with respect to your requirements and still come as a tactical aid that could turn it into a handy weapon.

Pros Of The XT808 Tactical Flashlight

There are numerous advantages that come with owning the XT808 Tactical Flashlight. Here is a look at some of them, with respect to the specifications of the flashlight.

  1. It is brighter than all available regular torches with the 800 lumens output so it brightens up your path even in the darkest of nights.
  2. With the lamp life of up to 100,000 hours, the possibility of the power running out while in use is practically non-existent, unlike the regular torches which you must replace the batteries every few weeks upon regular use.
  3. The material used to make it makes it very light and easy to carry.
  4. With the scratch resistant lens, it can survive even in the toughest of conditions especially if you are a regular camper or hiker.
  5. In case you are attacked by someone, you can easily disorient the mugger by simply shining the light right to the eyes, blinding the individual instantaneously.
  6. You can change the level of focus of the XT808 Tactical Flashlight in case what you want to look at is very far away thanks to the x2000 range of focus.

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